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Cloud Storage Comparison

                       Cloud Storage Providers

Cloud storage services let the user store data and files in the cloud or the online data pools so that they can access them on the go without having to carry a physical storage media wherever you go. They are of great help when it comes to an organization as all the documents and other information is available at a single point. You need to do a cloud storage comparison before deciding to sign up for one among them. Here are a few details about some of the best providers in cloud storage services.

Amazon Cloud Services

In the year 2011, Amazon introduced Cloud Drive services that started with some outstanding customer reviews. The customers were given 5 GB of free storage space initially when they signed up for the cloud services. The cloud storage service has a user-friendly interface that pulled more and more customers to Amazon cloud services. The most important feature that truly marked its identity was the way in which it is able to stream and play music. Cloud drive, smoothly integrated with the Amazon cloud player, is a boon since a backup of every music file happens instantly. Apart from these, an app helps the user to stream the music they have stored.


With the Amazon cloud service, DropBox came down to the second place. Until Amazon cloud started, people used to prefer DropBox, as they did not find any better service provider then. The rates for the storage space are around 0.50 dollars per GB of storage. The other cloud storage service providers can compete with DropBox based on storage space but not with the service and security, they render.

Cloud Storage Providers

                              Music Cloud Storage

Their inter device sync with the app is more advanced when compared to the other services, which is one of the key reasons that people prefer DropBox more than the others. They have to keep a close watch on all these aspect so that they do not lose their place in cloud storage providers.

When you do a cloud storage comparison, it is completely up to you to decide. It purely depends on the needs and the comforts of each individual. Even if Amazon is the most preferred cloud storage or even if their music streaming is good there are so many shortcomings in some most important areas, which makes DropBox better than Amazon services.

File sharing and integration with the system they work on is much better in DropBox. Hence the conclusion to this confusion is left to you.

Choosing A Cloud Storage Service Online

Cloud Storage Comparison

                    About Cloud Storage Solutions

Online storage has now become a very popular solution for storing all your important data. You now have cool cloud storage apps that do all the uploading and downloading for you. You just have to use the same synchronized folder in all your computer devices and the app will make sure that folder stays up-to-date by linking it with your online cloud storage account.

When doing a cloud storage comparison

The popularity of cloud storage services has led to a sudden increase in the number of players offering such options. Many tech companies out there already have the necessary IT infrastructure for starting such a cloud storage service. They are all vying for more and more customers to gain a strong foothold in this new market.

As you might expect, this fierce competition has led to lot of free storage space offers and other discounts to the customers. However, you need to remember that free storage space is useless if the service that provides turns out to be unreliable. What is the point of having all your data stored online, if you cannot access it when you need it?

Such service outages are reported every now and then. So, when you are making a cloud storage comparison, give more importance the quality of the service, the security features, encryption, and the likes, rather than just focusing on the amount of free storage you are getting. Some of the popular cloud storage services and a few details about them are provided here.


Dropbox is the one of the best cloud storage services out there. It also holds the distinction for being one of the first online cloud services. However, they have been a little slow when it comes to adding additional features to their simple storage solution. Yet again, if you are looking for a simple online storage space without the frills of complicated options and features, Dropbox is one of the best options.

Microsoft OneDrive

                          Dropbox Cloud Storage

Box cloud storage

This is yet another simple online cloud storage service that offers a good amount of free storage space to all new users. At present, they have set this free storage cap at 50 GB, but the competition might just push this a bit higher in a few months’ time.

Similarly, there are many other cloud storage services like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, iCloud, etc, which offer extensive services to facilitate your data storage needs. Just remember to look at all the factors carefully before choosing a particular storage service.

Understanding Cloud Storage

what is cloud storage

                    Cloud Storage Technology

What is cloud storage? Though cloud computing and cloud storage has become extremely popular, very few actually know what it means. This is despite the huge hype surrounding the new technology. Many research organizations are forecasting an increase in the popularity of this new tech. They say that in the near future everything online is going to be cloud-based.

Now, what is cloud storage is something more difficult to grasp when you are considering the various subtypes of it. Cloud storage is available in a variety of flavors such as public cloud, external cloud, internal cloud and hybrid cloud, each concept evolving and at times even overlapping.

External cloud storage actually appeals more to SMBs rather than large organizations. This is why when you look at the early adopters of this type cloud storage you will see that more small businesses were inclined to use them.  This is because external cloud provides customers the ability to use their applications without them having to purchase costly technologies and equipments. This way you can also avoid hiring more IT staff. Unlike internal cloud, external storage cloud is located outside the data center.  This is because external cloud service is provided by a service providers located outside your organization. At the same time, internal cloud storage is mostly used by larger enterprises. They are beginning to use internal private cloud for cutting costs and managing organizational information storage more effectively and efficiently.

Many experts believe that cloud technology is the future. There are many, who differ saying

cloud service providers

                    Cloud Storage Application

that these are early days for the new and growing technology and it is best not to predict anything. When untested technologies are used for a longer period, many a times problems tend to occur. Many think that it is too premature to completely adopt cloud storage changing the traditional setup. There are some clear impediments concerning the incorporation of the technology on a larger basis. The technology seems to be evolving and still in its nascent stage. Technology experts say that it is best to replace traditional systems only when businesses are completely comfortable with the cloud technologies.

Storage of data on cloud is an idea, which needs many things to be considered. Low cost and security are two of the most important factors in favor of using cloud storage. However, how much can we actually rely on cloud storage is something left to be seen.  Can we put all our faith in cloud service providers? Are our data completely secure? This is indeed difficult to grasp.

Interested In Trying Out Cloud Storage? Grab A Free Trial!

best free cloud storage

                          Cloud storage for all

So, you finally want to know what all the buzz about cloud storage is! In real terms, cloud storage is nothing but saving your document or work or whatever data on an online server instead of a local hard drive. This way, any time you want it back, you will be able to download it back from your “cloud” on any device that has internet access.

When you think about it, conventional storage is extremely unreliable. Not only do you have to maintain the hardware device, you will have to face the constant threat of loss or data corruption. If the device goes faulty or is stolen, you will be left without any data in your hands. This is where cloud storage comes into play. When you upload your data, it will be maintained by cloud service providers. These providers also maintain several back-up copies of your data, so you can access it whenever you want, wherever you are.

In the corporate world, the need for cloud storage is manifold. In places, where terabytes of information needs to be processed and saved, it is better to hire an expert service to do the job for you rather than setting up an entire department, complete with the servers and undertake it yourself. The benefits of hiring the best free cloud storage are manifold and they are available at extremely cheap rates.

cloud service providers

                      Free cloud storage for users

When it comes to personal use, cloud storage may save your job. Imagine if you have to travel far and wide in order to do a business project with clients, who have extremely deep pockets. Your entire presentation is lying inside your computer, but unfortunately, your computer got corrupt at the worst possible time. Embarrassment aside, such a situation could cause unforeseen consequences to you and your business. Whereas, if your data was backed up in cloud, you will be able to retrieve it from any place that has an internet connection.

There are several different best free cloud storage services that can help you here. You can easily ascertain whether cloud storage will be a usable feature for you or not and whether you want to buy a paid version of the same. SugarSync, JustCloud, BACKBLAZE, Carbonite, Livedrive, MyPCbackup, etc are just some of the companies that provide free cloud storage.

Firsthand experience with the software will help you determine what features to look for in cloud storage service and which would be the best deal.

Now Get Double The Free Cloud Space From Microsoft!

Microsoft cloud storage

              Cloud storage service

It seems Microsoft is going all in on boosting the Cloud Storage service, partly in hopes of competing against rival cloud storage service providers like Google, Box and DropBox. The IT giant recently gave a public announcement stating that it will be offering 15-Gigabyte of free storage space to users having OneDrive account, as opposed to the 7-Gigabyte cap that OneDrive users used to enjoy until recently.

Moreover, Microsoft is extending this offer for paid service as well, with increased Microsoft cloud storage space for Office 365 subscribers, the online subscription service, using which you can run productivity software like Word and Excel. In comparison to a measly 20 Gigabyte that the users enjoyed until recently, Office 365 users will now get one Terabyte of storage space.

Moreover, Microsoft users are in for a surprise since it is slashing prices for the purchase of additional storage on OneDrive. From $7.49 per month for 100 Gigabyte of internet storage space, the earlier price in OneDrive, it has been reduced to $1.99 per month. Similarly, $11.49 per month for 200 Gigabyte of internet has been decreased to a more attractive $3.99! All changes in price came into effect from July 2014.

Thus, Microsoft is hoping to boost the use of free cloud service for personal use, since an Office 365 account equates to nearly unlimited free Microsoft cloud storage. The single person Office subscription costs merely $6.99 monthly, which has become an extremely enticing offer thanks to the full terabyte storage space. If you want the service for multiple users, the ‘Home’ edition of Office 365 personal is even more attractive since it can be used on multiple devices. Moreover, each user (up to 5 for Home suite) gets up to a terabyte of storage space! That too, just for $3 more!

Amazon Drive

  Cloud storage offers from Microsoft

Thus, in effect, Microsoft has reduced the price per Gigabyte for Cloud storage. Even though there are several cloud storage service providers, all these developments are to rival the products of Google. Cloud storage offers are beneficial for service providers, since users are more likely to use the same service provider in order to edit the documents. This means, even if the profits from cloud storage might seem to decrease, Microsoft will get to enjoy a higher user base eventually.

DropBox, Box, iCloud Drive, Amazon Drive, and Google Drive will all be looking into Microsoft’s changing strategy before they provide their own reply. According to most tech experts, the war between cloud storage providers is soon to get even more interesting!

Fire Phone From Amazon Comes With Unlimited Cloud Storage

Amazon Cloud Storage

                         Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon has proved that where there is smoke, there is Fire. After the five year long rumors that Amazon is working on a phone, CEO Jeff Bezos has now officially unveiled Amazon’s first step into the Smartphone market recently. This phone is called Amazon Fire and the model comes to market with a few interesting photo-centric features. These features go beyond the standard camera specifications.

The Fire Phone features a 13-megapixel rear camera that is complete with five elements f/2.0 lens and optical image stabilization features. The camera is capable of capturing 1080-pixel video at 30fps, “intelligent” HDR, burst mode, and panorama; the camera stacks up comparatively with the competitors in the field. This phone also sports a 2.1 megapixel front facing camera. This is more than enough resolution to make sure that your selfies are suitable for Snapchat and Instagram!

One of the more interesting hardware components that Amazon has decided to add to the Fire is the inclusion of a dedicated camera button to the device. This will eliminate the need to fumble around with taps and swipes. This dedicated button is placed below the volume rocker that launches the camera instantaneously, even when the display of the device is off.

Talking about the platform, the device is powered by Fire OS 3.5. This is a forked version of the Android operating system. The Fire phone takes advantage of a few interesting announcements that Amazon has made alongside the phone. The still impressive aspect of the phone is the automatic backup of the video and photos to the Amazon cloud storage. With this feature, the users will be able to access their media almost instantaneously across any other Amazon device or the Amazon Cloud Drive apps.

Photo-Centric Features

                         Cloud Storage Options

Another impressive and exciting announcement is that all the Fire users will get free unlimited Amazon cloud storage for their full-resolution videos and photos. We will have to wait to see if more information comes to light. Those users who want to ditch their current Smartphone company in favor of Amazon will never have to delete a Smartphone photo again.

Amazon’s first endeavor into the Smartphone market does manage to grab some appeal for those users who are looking to try out a new manufacturer. If you would like to know more on the features of the Fire Phone, you can contact the Amazon help and support team.

Some Of The Best Online Cloud Storage Options

Free Cloud Storage

                 Cloud Storage Services

Online storage gives users the ability to store, access and share electronic documents from any device that has access to the Internet. This eliminates the risk of losing data due to issues like hardware failure. Some of the online storage providers offer free cloud storage and accounts, while others offer a mix of paid and free accounts. Storage services also vary in the type of documents that can be stored. Some of the online cloud storage providers are explained below in this article. You can read ahead to know more about these providers.

Windows Live SkyDrive

Microsoft is offering 25 GB of free cloud storage with Windows Live SkyDrive. This is more than enough space to hold thousands of documents. Getting an account requires the user to make a Windows Live ID. The users will also be able to store photos and videos in SkyDrive. Another important advantage of this cloud storage service is its ability to make documents with stripped-down, Internet based versions of Microsoft Excel, Word, OneNote, and PowerPoint. offers 5 GB of free storage with their entry level Personal account. They also offer additional free storage and solutions for large and small businesses. They also provide apps for both iPhone and Android phones. Those users with a account will be able to access and share documents, PDFs, music, illustrator files, and Photoshop.

Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon offers Amazon Cloud Drive and provides 5GB of free storage to the users. They offer multiple storage plans and provides the users the option of buying up to 1000 GB of storage. Amazon Cloud Drive can be used with Amazon Cloud Player, which is an application that can play music files online with the help of an Android app.

Windows Live ID

                   Cloud Storage Options


This is both a backup and an online storage solution. The services from Mozy free the users from the task of regularly selecting and uploading files from their computer to the online cloud account. MozyHome account costs 5.99 dollars per month and allows the users to schedule an automatic backup of the documents, music, photos, and many other important documents. Like, Mozy allows the users to access their documents through Android apps or iPhone.

These are some of the leading cloud storage providers in the world. If you wish to know more on these cloud storage services, you can seek the advice of a professional in the field.

Best Free Cloud Storage Offers

free cloud storage

                   Free cloud storage info

Nowadays, people are losing interest in storing data on their computers, mainly because information gets locked down to your system. If something happens to the system, then you will lose all the vital data or information stored in the PC. This is why cloud storage services have gained popularity. This way, apart from better data security, you have other benefits like service consistency and data portability.

Many free cloud storage services have come up these days. The best cloud service option gives you more than just storage. There are other useful facilities and features such as multi-platform support, security, application integration, and more. Let us have a look at some of the best free cloud storage providers available on the market.


As per users and experts across the globe, DropBox is arguably the best cloud storage providers available in the market today. Though it was one of the first providers that entered into the business, their popularity cannot be solely attributed to that fact. One of the main reasons for its popularity is due to the fact that they provide support for virtually every operating system available, both mobile and desktop. No matter whether you use it for synchronizing with desktop clients, or for any other thing, DropBox is the most preferred cloud storage service out there.

Google Drive:

Another strong contender for the top place is the search giant Google’s very own Google Drive.  We all know what Google is capable of and they did not disappoint us with their foray into cloud storage. Google Drive is popular due to the wide range of tools it combines such as Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, etc. So, if you are using these tools on a daily basis for the day-to-day work, it obviously makes sense for you to use Google Drive for file storage as well. Like DropBox, even Google Drive provides support for a variety of operating systems such as OS X, Windows, iOS and Android. Most people use this free storage service for the smooth integration of various Google services you regularly use.

application integration

                     Cloud storage tips

SkyDrive or One drive

SkyDrive, recently rebranded as One Drive, is from the software giant, Microsoft. The company has come a long way in providing quality cloud storage for its users. SkyDrive is integrated with Windows 8 and tools like Office 2013. It also has mobile applications for operating systems such as Windows Phone, iOS, and Android.

Though not a comprehensive list, these cloud storage facilities are pretty useful. You can try out each one of them and enjoy the many available features.

About Google Cloud Storage Solutions

Cloud Storage

                         Cloud Storage apps

Google’s cloud storage services are a class above the competition, with features that ease the management of projects and data. Here’s how to do data access and management, using the tools in place for just this purpose. Enact these steps in the given order.

Activate the Storage

Before you start working on your own project the first step is to activate the storage service for it.

Manage the Storage

Google provides a Developers Console, which is mainly a GUI which lets you:

  • Make and manage the project.
  • Activate the Google Storage service for the projects you’ve started up.
  • Enable the Google cloud service JSON API for that project, which allows you programmatic access.
  • Use drag-and-drop provisions to take care of the Storage buckets and objects you’ll be using in your project.

Access the Service from the CMD in Windows

There’s a gsutil tool, which allows you to get to the Google Storage service right from CMD in Windows. This is useful with a variety of bucket and object management functions, which include:

  • Creation and deletion of buckets.
  • Upload, download and deletion of objects.
  • Lists of the buckets and objects.
  • File operations on the objects.
  • Setting the ACLs for the buckets and objects.

Learn how to use the gsutil tool so that you’ll be able access Google cloud storage easily. This tool, once you learn to use it, lets you perform data access operations, and access public data.

Using the StorageService programmatically

You’re given a wide range of programming languages to use while you create apps. All of these are augmented by client libraries, and that lets the application to communicate with the Google Storage. These libraries are what manage the HTTP protocol particulars, whenever you use the Cloud service APIs.

Management Of Projects

                           Cloud Storage service

Contingent on the language and the library you select, the application you’ve created gets connected to the XML API or JSON API. You check your requirements on this and choose the API to use. The former, XML API, was the one that was initially supported. The JSON API was introduced for added support, with other Google products.

That was some information on using the Storage service from Google to access and manage data. Check out the other posts here for related information on Google products. Call our tech support team to resolve any issues with your Windows PC.