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It seems Microsoft is going all in on boosting the Cloud Storage service, partly in hopes of competing against rival cloud storage service providers like Google, Box and DropBox. The IT giant recently gave a public announcement stating that it will be offering 15-Gigabyte of free storage space to users having OneDrive account, as opposed to the 7-Gigabyte cap that OneDrive users used to enjoy until recently.

Moreover, Microsoft is extending this offer for paid service as well, with increased Microsoft cloud storage space for Office 365 subscribers, the online subscription service, using which you can run productivity software like Word and Excel. In comparison to a measly 20 Gigabyte that the users enjoyed until recently, Office 365 users will now get one Terabyte of storage space.

Moreover, Microsoft users are in for a surprise since it is slashing prices for the purchase of additional storage on OneDrive. From $7.49 per month for 100 Gigabyte of internet storage space, the earlier price in OneDrive, it has been reduced to $1.99 per month. Similarly, $11.49 per month for 200 Gigabyte of internet has been decreased to a more attractive $3.99! All changes in price came into effect from July 2014.

Thus, Microsoft is hoping to boost the use of free cloud service for personal use, since an Office 365 account equates to nearly unlimited free Microsoft cloud storage. The single person Office subscription costs merely $6.99 monthly, which has become an extremely enticing offer thanks to the full terabyte storage space. If you want the service for multiple users, the ‘Home’ edition of Office 365 personal is even more attractive since it can be used on multiple devices. Moreover, each user (up to 5 for Home suite) gets up to a terabyte of storage space! That too, just for $3 more!

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Thus, in effect, Microsoft has reduced the price per Gigabyte for Cloud storage. Even though there are several cloud storage service providers, all these developments are to rival the products of Google. Cloud storage offers are beneficial for service providers, since users are more likely to use the same service provider in order to edit the documents. This means, even if the profits from cloud storage might seem to decrease, Microsoft will get to enjoy a higher user base eventually.

DropBox, Box, iCloud Drive, Amazon Drive, and Google Drive will all be looking into Microsoft’s changing strategy before they provide their own reply. According to most tech experts, the war between cloud storage providers is soon to get even more interesting!

Fire Phone From Amazon Comes With Unlimited Cloud Storage

Amazon Cloud Storage

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Amazon has proved that where there is smoke, there is Fire. After the five year long rumors that Amazon is working on a phone, CEO Jeff Bezos has now officially unveiled Amazon’s first step into the Smartphone market recently. This phone is called Amazon Fire and the model comes to market with a few interesting photo-centric features. These features go beyond the standard camera specifications.

The Fire Phone features a 13-megapixel rear camera that is complete with five elements f/2.0 lens and optical image stabilization features. The camera is capable of capturing 1080-pixel video at 30fps, “intelligent” HDR, burst mode, and panorama; the camera stacks up comparatively with the competitors in the field. This phone also sports a 2.1 megapixel front facing camera. This is more than enough resolution to make sure that your selfies are suitable for Snapchat and Instagram!

One of the more interesting hardware components that Amazon has decided to add to the Fire is the inclusion of a dedicated camera button to the device. This will eliminate the need to fumble around with taps and swipes. This dedicated button is placed below the volume rocker that launches the camera instantaneously, even when the display of the device is off.

Talking about the platform, the device is powered by Fire OS 3.5. This is a forked version of the Android operating system. The Fire phone takes advantage of a few interesting announcements that Amazon has made alongside the phone. The still impressive aspect of the phone is the automatic backup of the video and photos to the Amazon cloud storage. With this feature, the users will be able to access their media almost instantaneously across any other Amazon device or the Amazon Cloud Drive apps.

Photo-Centric Features

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Another impressive and exciting announcement is that all the Fire users will get free unlimited Amazon cloud storage for their full-resolution videos and photos. We will have to wait to see if more information comes to light. Those users who want to ditch their current Smartphone company in favor of Amazon will never have to delete a Smartphone photo again.

Amazon’s first endeavor into the Smartphone market does manage to grab some appeal for those users who are looking to try out a new manufacturer. If you would like to know more on the features of the Fire Phone, you can contact the Amazon help and support team.

Some Of The Best Online Cloud Storage Options

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Online storage gives users the ability to store, access and share electronic documents from any device that has access to the Internet. This eliminates the risk of losing data due to issues like hardware failure. Some of the online storage providers offer free cloud storage and accounts, while others offer a mix of paid and free accounts. Storage services also vary in the type of documents that can be stored. Some of the online cloud storage providers are explained below in this article. You can read ahead to know more about these providers.

Windows Live SkyDrive

Microsoft is offering 25 GB of free cloud storage with Windows Live SkyDrive. This is more than enough space to hold thousands of documents. Getting an account requires the user to make a Windows Live ID. The users will also be able to store photos and videos in SkyDrive. Another important advantage of this cloud storage service is its ability to make documents with stripped-down, Internet based versions of Microsoft Excel, Word, OneNote, and PowerPoint. offers 5 GB of free storage with their entry level Personal account. They also offer additional free storage and solutions for large and small businesses. They also provide apps for both iPhone and Android phones. Those users with a account will be able to access and share documents, PDFs, music, illustrator files, and Photoshop.

Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon offers Amazon Cloud Drive and provides 5GB of free storage to the users. They offer multiple storage plans and provides the users the option of buying up to 1000 GB of storage. Amazon Cloud Drive can be used with Amazon Cloud Player, which is an application that can play music files online with the help of an Android app.

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This is both a backup and an online storage solution. The services from Mozy free the users from the task of regularly selecting and uploading files from their computer to the online cloud account. MozyHome account costs 5.99 dollars per month and allows the users to schedule an automatic backup of the documents, music, photos, and many other important documents. Like, Mozy allows the users to access their documents through Android apps or iPhone.

These are some of the leading cloud storage providers in the world. If you wish to know more on these cloud storage services, you can seek the advice of a professional in the field.

Best Free Cloud Storage Offers

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Nowadays, people are losing interest in storing data on their computers, mainly because information gets locked down to your system. If something happens to the system, then you will lose all the vital data or information stored in the PC. This is why cloud storage services have gained popularity. This way, apart from better data security, you have other benefits like service consistency and data portability.

Many free cloud storage services have come up these days. The best cloud service option gives you more than just storage. There are other useful facilities and features such as multi-platform support, security, application integration, and more. Let us have a look at some of the best free cloud storage providers available on the market.


As per users and experts across the globe, DropBox is arguably the best cloud storage providers available in the market today. Though it was one of the first providers that entered into the business, their popularity cannot be solely attributed to that fact. One of the main reasons for its popularity is due to the fact that they provide support for virtually every operating system available, both mobile and desktop. No matter whether you use it for synchronizing with desktop clients, or for any other thing, DropBox is the most preferred cloud storage service out there.

Google Drive:

Another strong contender for the top place is the search giant Google’s very own Google Drive.  We all know what Google is capable of and they did not disappoint us with their foray into cloud storage. Google Drive is popular due to the wide range of tools it combines such as Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, etc. So, if you are using these tools on a daily basis for the day-to-day work, it obviously makes sense for you to use Google Drive for file storage as well. Like DropBox, even Google Drive provides support for a variety of operating systems such as OS X, Windows, iOS and Android. Most people use this free storage service for the smooth integration of various Google services you regularly use.

application integration

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SkyDrive or One drive

SkyDrive, recently rebranded as One Drive, is from the software giant, Microsoft. The company has come a long way in providing quality cloud storage for its users. SkyDrive is integrated with Windows 8 and tools like Office 2013. It also has mobile applications for operating systems such as Windows Phone, iOS, and Android.

Though not a comprehensive list, these cloud storage facilities are pretty useful. You can try out each one of them and enjoy the many available features.

About Google Cloud Storage Solutions

Cloud Storage

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Google’s cloud storage services are a class above the competition, with features that ease the management of projects and data. Here’s how to do data access and management, using the tools in place for just this purpose. Enact these steps in the given order.

Activate the Storage

Before you start working on your own project the first step is to activate the storage service for it.

Manage the Storage

Google provides a Developers Console, which is mainly a GUI which lets you:

  • Make and manage the project.
  • Activate the Google Storage service for the projects you’ve started up.
  • Enable the Google cloud service JSON API for that project, which allows you programmatic access.
  • Use drag-and-drop provisions to take care of the Storage buckets and objects you’ll be using in your project.

Access the Service from the CMD in Windows

There’s a gsutil tool, which allows you to get to the Google Storage service right from CMD in Windows. This is useful with a variety of bucket and object management functions, which include:

  • Creation and deletion of buckets.
  • Upload, download and deletion of objects.
  • Lists of the buckets and objects.
  • File operations on the objects.
  • Setting the ACLs for the buckets and objects.

Learn how to use the gsutil tool so that you’ll be able access Google cloud storage easily. This tool, once you learn to use it, lets you perform data access operations, and access public data.

Using the StorageService programmatically

You’re given a wide range of programming languages to use while you create apps. All of these are augmented by client libraries, and that lets the application to communicate with the Google Storage. These libraries are what manage the HTTP protocol particulars, whenever you use the Cloud service APIs.

Management Of Projects

                           Cloud Storage service

Contingent on the language and the library you select, the application you’ve created gets connected to the XML API or JSON API. You check your requirements on this and choose the API to use. The former, XML API, was the one that was initially supported. The JSON API was introduced for added support, with other Google products.

That was some information on using the Storage service from Google to access and manage data. Check out the other posts here for related information on Google products. Call our tech support team to resolve any issues with your Windows PC.

What Makes SkyDrive The Best Cloud Storage Service?

Best Cloud Storage

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Nowadays, cloud storage services are becoming quite popular among people solely due to the advanced storage options in them. Using a top cloud storage service rules out the issues related to the low memory space in your devices such as Smartphones, tablets or PCs. Moreover, the information stored in such cloud storage platforms stay secured and can also be accessed from any device.

Talking about the best cloud storage services available, SkyDrive holds a prominent position among them. Some of the exquisite features of this cloud storage platform include the following.

Easy to use

Any service would find it hard to impress the users if it is too complicated to use. It is here that SkyDrive scores big as compared to other available cloud storage services. For both users and technical support professionals, SkyDrive is considered to be the most user-friendly storage service. Microsoft has ensured that SkyDrive is integrated with Office 2010, 2013 and 365, making it easier for users to share files in quick time. You don’t need to be technically sound to use SkyDrive. Even beginners can use the options in this cloud service. Similarly, accessing files is also much easier in SkyDrive when compared to other similar storage platforms.

Minimal Requirements

The cloud storage service that you’re using must be a high-end one but at the same time, would also demand more requirements for its setup. SkyDrive on the other hand, has fewer requirements. You can connect to SkyDrive from anywhere by having an internet connection. Microsoft Office 2013 also enables the users to set up their account while they try to access SkyDrive for the first time.

Easy file access and ensured security

Accessing Files

                        Top Cloud Storage Services

Combining Web Office Apps with cloud storage enables the users to access their stored information anytime, anywhere and from any device. SkyDrive is also compatible with almost every operating system such as Windows, Mac and Linux and also with any browser. As far as the security of the stored information is concerned, SkyDrive offers the maximum. For example, the users with whom you share your files don’t need an account or password to view your files. Instead, they would be provided with a link that will contain all the credentials they require.

All these features make SkyDrive undoubtedly the best cloud storage service available. So, the next time you plan to opt for a cloud platform to store your information, let SkyDrive be your primary choice.

Exceptional Features Of Amazon Cloud Storage

Amazon Cloud Storage

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Cloud computing is nowadays becoming a popular trend among individuals and leading corporate companies. One of the significant advantages of cloud storage is that you do not have to worry about loss of data or phishing. You can never correctly predict about a system crash down and usually when your computer crashes, there are chances to lose important files and confidential data.

Hereafter, you do not have to worry about such issues, as your online data will have optimal protection on the cloud storage. Adding to that, you do not have to create an extra backup file or folder to access your important files. Data security is another significant feature of cloud storage facility. Hackers will not be able to penetrate into your online account and thus your files will have maximum online security on cloud space. There are many leading cloud service providers and Amazon cloud storage is one of the best among them. Read along to know more about the exceptional features of Amazon cloud.

Amazon cloud storage

Extra storage space along with safe and secured backup features is considered as the most noteworthy features of Amazon cloud. You can always access your media files and other important private data at any time and from anywhere in the world. All you need to make sure is that you have a trouble free internet connection. It is not surprising that a vast majority of business personnel prefers Amazon cloud storage to store and share their confidential data. They can always share their official documents and other important data with their colleagues and streamline their business operations in a much effective way.

Fire Phone

                Cloud Storage Options

The automatic photo backup is an outstanding feature. You can always switch on the Auto-save feature with the help of the free mobile App. This way, all your photos will be completely secured inside the cloud space. You do not have to worry even if your Smartphone, tablet or laptop is damaged or misplaced. The best part is that your cloud drive will always be connected to your individual Amazon account. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy all the technical features of the unique cloud service with your preferred Amazon gadgets such as Kindle Fire, Fire phone and Fire TV.

Another significant advantage is that you can always select a cloud service plan that rightly suits your requirements and budget.

Special Features Of Microsoft Cloud Storage

Microsoft Cloud Storage

             Microsoft Cloud Service

Nowadays, most people and corporate business establishments rely on cloud storage service to store their important documents and online media files. There are three main reasons behind this fact.

One reason is that cloud storage provides optimal security and there is no need to worry about online phishing or any unauthorized cyber intrusions. The second reason is that you will be able to easily retrieve the entire online data incase if your computer is damaged or lost. The third reason is that you will be able to access the data stored in the cloud space any time and from anywhere in the world. Many cloud service facilitators are out there and Microsoft cloud storage is considered as one of the best. The below mentioned facets will tell you more about the salient features of Microsoft cloud storage.

Microsoft cloud storage

You can see that both enterprise storage solutions along with cost effective and optimal performance are considered as the highlights of Microsoft cloud service. Microsoft always delivers trustworthy and top-notch cloud storage infrastructure that is especially based on Microsoft technologies for its customers. You can customize your Windows server and Microsoft cloud space built with industry standard hardware as per your requirements.

One of the biggest benefits you get to enjoy with Microsoft cloud service is that you will be able to deploy clustered storage spaces. Physical disk failures, data access failures, corrupted data, volume unavailability and server node failures are some of the common technical risks that can be kept at bay with the help of clustered storage spaces.


        Microsoft Cloud Management

The common name given to Microsoft’s cloud service facility is known as SkyDrive. Most of the basic Microsoft Office Apps makes use of SkyDrive’s storage capabilities that is tailor made to store online documents. Besides that, one of the major hurdles cloud storage customers has to encounter is the huge amassment in online data and the cloud storage management required to keep up with it. This is where we can see the significance of the StorSimple 8000 series cloud storage facility. With StorSimple 8000 series in place, we do not have to buy extra cloud space to store online data of massive file size.

Data mobility, scalability and consolidated management are also some of the noteworthy features of Microsoft cloud service. You can always rest assured about business continuity with optimal recovery and backup of online data. All the credit goes to the technically well-advanced cloud facility from the house of Microsoft.

What Is Personal Cloud Storage

Personal Cloud Storage

            Personal Cloud Storage Options

With the advent of high-speed internet, online data storage has become quite a thing nowadays. This is precisely why cloud storage options have become very popular both for individuals as well as for organizations.

Cloud servers have become a place where you can stash all your important data from tax records to family photos. Popular services such as Dropbox, SugarSync, iCloud, and Google Drive offer various options for you to store your data and then access it from anywhere across the globe.

Is the cloud secure?

Cloud storage services are usually secure and immune to online disasters. Many service providers offer several gigabytes of space for free. However, there are some issues with the same, if you look closely.

Firstly, when you use a public cloud storage service, you are actually giving up the entire control of the data to the service provider. Your data is sometimes stored on multiple servers, with many copies existing across the world. So, what happens here is that you can never be entirely sure if your data is deleted when you erase the file. Yet again, this issue is limited to only those users who upload huge amount of data on the cloud.

There are alternatives available for individuals for combining the excellent security of personal storage and the much-needed convenience of the cloud. This is called personal cloud storage. This option also enables synchronizing and sharing of the stored data across multiple devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Personal cloud storage is more often referred to as pocket cloud storage or mobile cloud storage.

Copies Existing

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This method wonderfully combines the best of cloud and personal storage. The files are stored on a local networked drive here, which allows you to gain complete control over the data, while still making the data available just about anywhere. This way, instead of storing the file on an anonymous server across the world, you will be able to store it right next to your router.

Though you are vulnerable to a personal disaster, like an earthquake, fire, or flood, regular off-site backups can help you avoid data loss. The data is password protected and encrypted and when you erase something, it is deleted from the server as well. Copies of it will not remain on various servers.

There are many personal cloud storage options, which offer a mix of ways for connecting systems locally or remotely. They offer a range of remote access applications for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and even Windows Phone devices.

All New Cloud Storage System For HTC One- Google Drive

Best Free Cloud Storage

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Two years ago, one of the most important elements of smartphones was the storage capacity that the phone offered. As the processing power and screen size of the phones continued to grow, the handsets became ideal for playing back a wealth of contents like video, audio and games. The downside to the high clarity video files is that they occupy a large amount of the storage space of the smartphone. As a result of this issue, phones were introduced that offer massive amounts of storage space.

Here comes the significance of online cloud storage systems. These services involve the user’s data being stored at a remote location that is termed as cloud. There are numerous best free cloud storage systems. Services like these offer many advantages over internal storage options of these devices. The fact that the files are stored centrally means that they can be accessed from any other device if you have an Internet connection. This means that the users of the cloud storage services will be able to view their photographs and other files from their home computers or laptops. The other major advantage of this type of system is that if the smartphone is lost or stolen, the important files of the user will remain safe in the cloud storage server.

Dropbox Service

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The user will be able to transfer the important files to a new device. The popularity of cloud storage has increased over the last few months with many companies offering users varying amounts of storage space. The users of HTC One handsets can already use the Dropbox service as a result of a deal between HTC and Google. HTC users will be given 25 GB of free storage that can be used for two years. Apple has also launched their popular iCloud service for users who are running iOS devices. HTC One X devices offer 16 GB of internal storage but the users can extend this with the help of Google Drive.

Even though there is no official confirmation about what the new system will offer, it is expected that the users will be allocated a considerable amount of free storage space. If you wish to know more on the best free cloud storage system for HTC One X, you can contact the HTC tech support team. They will be able to provide you more information on this regard.