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Online Cloud Storage

     Advantages Of Online Cloud Storage

Cloud storage solution is one of the popular means of data storage these days. In fact, online cloud storage is a solution in which data is stored in remote servers, which can be accessed through web from any device and that too from any part of the world. There are quite a few advantages provided by these solutions as they provide better security when compared to traditional methods like USB, hard disks or pen drives. You can find several such online-cloud storage services offering various features and therefore, when you are opting for any storage solution, it is better to go for one that will serve your specific needs. Now, let’s take a look at some of the best online-cloud storage sites.


ADrive is one of the popular backup as well as storage site and it allows you to edit, access and share files from anywhere and at any time. While signing up for this account, it provides a free storage space of 50 GB. However, in order to enjoy some additional features offered by ADrive like SSL encryption, you need to pay some additional amount of money. 50GB storage space that includes security features costs about $6.95 per month whereas for a premium 100GB to 1TB account, you need to pay about $13.95 per month.


FilesAnywhere is an online cloud storage service that not only helps you to store data but also to synchronize data with systems. You can even use your mobile phones to manage and share files from anywhere. Automated backup and additional security features are provided with advanced plans. You will be getting a free storage space of 1GB when you initially sign up but for the advanced plan and basic plan, it costs $15.75 and $11.95 respectively for 10GB.

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An online storage service coming from Iomega is called as iStorage. It features an easy to use interface that allows you to back up data and files automatically within a single click. Moreover, you will be able to share and access data from any location using a smartphone or any other device. However, you need to make use of WhaleMail in order to share files. You can opt for individual plans for just $5.99 per month for 1GB, which can go up to $49.99 per month for 15 GB of storage space.

These are some of the best online cloud storage services that are now available. Always go for one that fits your specific needs after considering all the specifications and features offered.

What Is Cloud Storage? Are There Cloud Storage Services Available For Free?


             Free Cloud Storage Services

Are you new to cloud storage technology? You might have heard it, but you may be finding it difficult to identify what actually cloud storage is and the technology behind it. You might have started backing up your important data online. It is the latest way to store your priority personal files, folders and other important data. This way you need not copy the data to a storage media. Various data saved online in the internet are more secure. This is because there is far less risk of losing your important data when it is stored online. Agreed, you can do backups to CD/DVD-ROM and USB drives, but you cannot expect the same level of protection. It may happen that disks may get damaged; so, even the backup will be lost.

Let us define cloud storage in simple terms: It is a way to save your important data to the web, online. These storage services store your information in a safe and secure location on the web.  They offer a much quicker, easier and even safer backup than your usual conventional file storage options.

With the help of cloud storage and cloud computing, it is possible for you to access your folders and programs from any system and that too anywhere on the planet. The only necessary requirement is a dedicated internet connection.

Let us have a look at some of the popular free cloud storage services available:

Google Drive

Google Drive is, without an ounce of doubt, one of the best free cloud storage service providers. Most users have google accounts. Some even have multiple Google accounts. Using the Google Drive, you can now easily switch between various logins and utilize cloud storage features and other online Google applications. The latest Google Drive version is now available for free in the App Store.



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SugarSync is another very popular cloud storage service available. It now offers ability to automatically upload photos from the user’s camera roll. These photos can then be easily shared using any other devices that have been SugarSync-enabled. The folders in the mobile app of Sugar Sync now make it possible to view their individual status. When you compare these, you can see that the icons are much similar to those seen in SugarSync’s desktop version.

There are many other cloud storage options that are free such as DropBox, Box, OneDrive and many more. You can mix it up to avail the features of more than one cloud storage.

Google Drive To Get Cheaper

Google Cloud Storage

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It looks like Google plans to turn the entire market upside down by slashing prices and introducing all new schemes. According to the latest developments, Google is all set to bring down Google cloud storage subscription costs and that too by as much as 80 percent, turning all other rival cloud storage providers into frenzy.

As we all know, the first 15 Giga Bytes of Google cloud storage, by the name of Google Drive, is free. This is ideal for users who use the cloud storage system moderately and excess for those who prefer not to use the service. If you use low end devices like the Chromebook or other notebook computers, there will be some limitation on the amount of data you can save inside the computers’ hard drive. Thus, for those users who have limitations on how much data they can carry along, or for users who find this service more convenient, the price cuts released by Google will be beneficial.

Earlier, in order to extend the 15 Gigabyte cap and avail 100 Gigabytes of storage, you have to shell out $4.99 per month. Now, after the latest set of releases by Google, the same offer will be available for a minimum of $1.99 per month. Google does not disappoint those who always want more, now that 1 Terabyte is available for a very low cost of $9.99 per month. In contrast to the previous pricing scheme, which bills $49.99 per month, this offer is extremely good. At present, the cost of Google cloud storage is lower than any similar packages provided by its rivals.

Google says the new users can easily sign up to avail the service and the current users, those who already own the storage space, will be able to shift right away. This means, Google will automatically change the pricing scheme and bring it down to the new low price and involves no part from your end.

Cloud Storage Providers

              Google Drive Cloud Storage

To put the pricing schemes in perspective, One year of 100 GB cloud storage on Microsoft’s OneDrive costs $49 and the same amount on Dropbox costs $99, which is extremely expensive when considering that Google Drive, providing the same storage space for a duration of one year will only cost around $23.88! It seems clear that Google is all set to pull in all the customers from the rival cloud storage providers.

Google has always been stretching the services provided for its users to its absolute limits. Thus, the new pricing scheme comes as no surprise to its users.

Dropbox Raises Their Cloud Storage Cap

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Dropbox has come up with a new way to set them ahead of competition in cloud storage. They’re currently offering 1 terabyte of storage online for $9.99. This is included under the new “Pro” plan, which the storage and sync service provider announced on their website recently.

The “Pro” plan raises the cap on storage space to ten times the former, charging the lowest price on the company’s subscription plan. They were giving out 100 GB for this same price, as well as 500 GB costing $50 per month. There were also other offers, which fell under “Dropbox for Business”.

This places Dropbox in good stead among the competition including Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Box. These are the main heavy hitters in cloud storage right now. Microsoft recently came out and announced a huge increase, to the tune of 40 times what they offered previously. This provision is available to Office 365 and OneDrive business customers. This was a month after competitor Google hacked down prices on their own storage service. Amazon is another company, which has been cutting prices for some time now.

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The bigger companies like Google and Microsoft can easily afford this practice, without significant drop in profits. Younger concerns like Dropbox and Box, however will have a harder time offsetting their losses. As tweeted by Aaron Levie, CEO of Box, online storage is definitely headed towards being made completely free and virtually limitless. We’ll get to a point, where the only way to distinguish services will be the design and features they provide, and not the amount of storage space. If we’re headed that way, bigger companies like Microsoft will have a hard time marketing their closed storage services. Closed services give little or no provisions to move data between products.

The new plan from Dropbox adds new features to their “Pro” service suite, with augmented security setup, and different permission architecture for data sharing. This includes passwords for shared links, so that only people with a password can access the links you share. Your shared links also hold an expiry date, so that sensitive files won’t be left in the open for too long. Shared folders also allow for ‘view only’ permission to the specific users, who have the links to access them.

This was about the latest developments in the field of online storage, and the features offered by the providers.

Larger And Cheaper Microsoft OneDrive Accounts

Microsoft Cloud Storage

                         SkyDrive Cloud Storage

OneDrive is an online Microsoft Cloud Storage service, introduced in the year 2007, in the name SkyDrive. Later, in the year 2014, Microsoft changed its name to OneDrive. This service allows the users to store data along with facilitating editing and easy access.

In the latest announcement, Microsoft made it clear that it is planning to cut the prices and increase the storage space on OneDrive cloud storage. This is the deal put forward for the current users including the new ones with a storage space of 15 GB offered free of cost. Earlier, it was just 7 GB that was offered to the users. Office 365 subscribers will now get storage space of 1TB for which no additional cost will be incurred.

It is obvious that Microsoft is happy to incur charges for the service of keeping your files, photos and other documents. However, the good thing is that the charges have been reduced considerably. Currently OneDrive storage space of 100 GB is available at 1.99 dollars, which was 50 dollars per year earlier.

With the drop in the price, OneDrive Microsoft Cloud Storage has become equivalent to Google Drive that earlier provided users with 100GB extra storage at 50 dollars per year, and currently provides the same storage space for 1.99 dollars per month. With this, the cloud storage rivals Box and DropBox look expensive. Currently DropBox provides 2GB free storage space and charges an amount of 1.99 dollars for every extra 100GB per month. Box offers 10 GB storage space initially and charges 10 dollars per month for every 100GB data storage space.

OneDrive Cloud Storage

                        Microsoft Storage Service

With this, it is evident that the price for data storage online is decreasing rapidly. This has become more evident when Aaron Levie Box CEO took it to twitter stating that the price for online storage is decreasing and added that they would become completely free one day. The path that these storage space providers have chosen is evident and eventually you will not have to pay anything for the storage space.

Slashing the rates for storage spaces are all-good, but this should not affect the quality of the services they provide. It should be safe and reliable, as the users do not appreciate security breaches. Users do not mind paying for the service rendered, provided the cloud storage providers make sure that they are reliable. Windows desktop and Windows phone users are the ones who mainly make use of the OneDrive cloud storage services.

Use Of Various Cloud Storage Services


Cloud Storage Free Available

In past few years, you have been hearing more about cloud computing and cloud storage than any other technology on the internet. No so long ago, you would not have even heard of such a thing, let alone use it. Now, cloud storage has become a popular technology and standard feature in many devices. Many new cloud storage providers have come up, because of its growing popularity. You may have heard about or probably might be using the cloud storage services such as DropBox, Google Drive, iCloud, etc.

The great thing about most cloud services is that they provide cloud storage free. You will be able to avail cloud storage free up to many GBs of space. Initially, there were just a few providers such as DropBox. But, now there are many cloud storage options in the market. Google has introduced its very own cloud storage service, Google Drive.  Microsoft, one of the pioneers in cloud technology, has seriously overhauled SkyDrive (now known as OneDrive).  Microsoft is one step ahead here, as they even have a cloud service for gamers.  Even Apple’s iCloud is gaining popularity.  In short, the competition is getting stiffer every day.


                   Best Cloud Storage Free

You can see that cloud storage has become a standard feature for many applications. Some service providers like Amazon allows you to store music online, in the cloud and then stream it, whenever you want. Obviously, the ability to enjoy various things like listening to music and watching movies online without taking up valuable storage space is an exciting and enticing option.

There are many cloud services out there and each one offers something different for your benefit. You can mix it up by trying various free services. For example, you can use SkyDrive for music and photos. SkyDrive offers 25GB of free storage space. It is plenty for your online storage purposes. Google Drive may not offer so much space but it has better upload speeds.

Now, iCloud is another useful service providing some exciting features. The best thing about Apple is that there are applications provided by the company that works on your both PC and smartphone. All of it is connected with Apple’s cloud service, making it much easier and faster for you to access the cloud service.

The best advice is to mix it up to gain the best out of all these free cloud storage service options.

Advantages Of Using Cloud Storage Facilities To Store Your Vital Data

Personal Cloud Storage

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One of the best options to store personal or official online data is to subscribe to online personal cloud storage services. Remote storage facilities have certainly become the common method for people due to numerous beneficial reasons. Read along to know more about the benefits of using personal cloud storage services.

Personal cloud storage

One of the major advantages of using cloud storage facility is that you can store all your online data and media files in a secured place at a nominal charge. The difference in the cost aspects will be evident if you come to know about the rates of advanced external hard drives and backup tapes. Besides that, the cost for doing the routine manual updates also can set you back financially. Therefore, online cloud storage services will let you save a lot of money when it comes to storage and backup of online data.

Security of your personal data is another salient feature of online cloud storage services. Hackers are constantly prowling on the net to intrude into other people’s personal online data. At the same time, cloud storage services prove to be a safe zone as it is quite hard to impossible for the hackers to tress pass into secured cloud space data. Most corporate companies are now using cloud storage services to keep their confidential official data safe and secured. Invisibility is also a major advantage of cloud storage. You will be the only person who will be able to track and access all your online data with your password.

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                Online Cloud Storage

The major problem or technical issue that most people and business establishments have to face is to follow up with the backup utilities of their confidential data. This issue will be resolved in the best way once you subscribe to cloud storage facilities. Backup of your online data will never again be a major problem in front of you. Synchronizing and sharing of files can also be done when you use online cloud storage services. You can share your files individually or in bulk and that too, in a steadfast way when you use online cloud space facility.

Hereafter, you do not have to worry if your computer crashes or if you happen to lose important files. Data recovery can be done easily with online cloud services. You can in fact restore your data in zero time to be precise.

A General Idea On How Cloud Hosting Works

Cloud Storage

            Cloud Storage Services

Cloud computing is the process of delivering computing as a service rather than a product. Cloud hosting is also known as cloud computing, which allows the users to store data in the storage space provided by each of the cloud service providers. This allows the users to manage information. In general, a network of remote servers allows data storage and manages the stored data. Cloud computing is an alternative method of delivering IT services over the internet. One of the main advantages of the service is that you will be able to avail different types of services from the cloud, in which you will have to pay only for the service that you have signed up for. Most of the businesses ideally choose cloud computing to enhance the business activities.

With the help of such services, it is possible for the users to access different types of data ranging from hard drive, memory and processing power, this is as per some cloud storage reviews. The service is delivered from a group of servers, which is load balanced. The data is then stored in Storage Area Network. These providers with the help of computing cycles determine the processing time for the application. With the help of such services, users will be able to make the best of the most cost effective and scalable services.

Web expansion is possible within a limited amount of time since the service provided is scalable. When compared to the shared hosting or dedicated hosting services, this service is much more convenient and there are no major threats such as server crashes. With the provision of resources based on self-service in real time, the scalability of the service is increased. The service watches the performance closely and is provided with the perfect interface because of the consistent architecture of the service.

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According to the cloud storage reviews, this is one of the ideal services that businesses can make use of, since it is able to not only continue the services in a business but also recover after a major disaster. The best thing about cloud computing is that you need not install a software to store data, which makes it easier to manage data and makes it accessible from anywhere in the world with a steady internet service.

Cloud computing gets its name since information is stored in cloud like structures. The storage location need not be specific for the users to gain access. This is one of the best services, which lets the users to manage information efficiently.

Storing Files Online For Free

Cloud Storage Providers

                    Online Storage Providers

If you ask anyone in the IT sector what the next thing in the twenty first century is, you will get the answer- cloud computing. Even though the technology was not very well received in the early years, which was mainly due to the lack of high speed internet connection, nowadays, everyone uses cloud computing. One of the major streams of cloud computing that gained much importance recently is the cloud storage service. There are many cloud storage providers in the industry now and most of them provide the users with a limited amount of free storage space.

If your main purpose for using cloud storage is to store some small files and documents, there is no need to subscribe to payment services with the cloud service provider. If you do have a large amount of files to store, then create an account with another cloud storage provider. Since you are not violating any of the service agreements, there is no issue related to storing data this way. You would be able to save considerable amount of money if you adopt this method. Since there are many cloud storage service providers in the market who offer free storage on signup, you can get lots of free storage online.

Here we discuss some of the commonly used cloud storage providers and the free space and other features associated with each service.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive

                          Cloud Storage Features

Microsoft entered the cloud storage business with SkyDrive and renamed it to OneDrive recently. If you create a Microsoft account, then you are automatically awarded with about 15GB of free storage to store your files, documents, music, videos or other data online. You need to pay for the service only when you cross the 15GB storage limit. So make sure that you do not cross the limit.

Google Drive

The search engine giant Google too entered the cloud market sensing the potential expansion of the field in the near future with their Google Drive cloud services. Like Microsoft, Google too offers about 15 GB of free storage for storing your files online.

So as a whole, a user will be able to get 30GB of free storage if he simply signs up with Microsoft’s and Google’s cloud services. There are still more cloud storage providers like Amazon, Dropbox, Bitcasa etc in the market; hence, you can still increase the storage. If you are not using cloud services, it is high time you start using them at the earliest.

Store Your Files On The Cloud To Access Them From Anywhere

Best Cloud Storage

            About Cloud Storage Services

These days, data portability has become as equally important as data security. Today, just backing up the data in a secure location is no longer enough, it has to be accessible from anywhere in the world on any device of our choice. Of course, the cloud storage technology works out the best in that regard.

About the best cloud storage features

Obviously, storing your files online is a very convenient solution. However, this is only as good as the quality of your internet connection. If you have a slow internet connection or with frequent interruptions, then accessing important files, as and when you need them, might become a huge annoyance. In such cases though, you can use the cloud storage service as a data backup solution.

In fact, cloud storage services like Microsoft OneDrive and Apple iCloud works quite perfectly as a data backup utility. You do not have to bother with uploading your files on the server always. Just log in using your online Windows ID on your Windows computer, or Apple ID on your Mac, and let the files you stored in the folder linked to your online cloud account upload automatically. So it is clear that such OS-based cloud storage services are indeed very convenient.

However, there are many other cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox as well, that offer many cool features and free storage options. In fact, Google Drive is a very strong contender for the best cloud storage service title, because of the smooth integration of their cloud storage space with their multiple online service platforms like Gmail, Google Plus, YouTube, Google Maps, etc.

Windows ID

             Free Cloud Storage Limit

If you have a Google account, then you can access this free storage space allocated to your account via the same login id. You just have to launch Google Drive, in your browser, login using your account credentials, and click on the upload button to start moving your files to the cloud. You can also create new folders in Google Drive, and copy or move the files there.

You will that there is very little difference between the online cloud storage solutions and your typical external hard drive. Actually, apart from the fact that you are accessing the cloud data through a web interface or app, everything else is the same. But remember that any storage beyond the free space limit would require you upgrading to the paid service. So, keep only your important files on the cloud to enjoy the service for free.