Existing ICloud Customers Get Cheaper Rates And Grandfathered Capacities

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iCloud has been in news lately due to some leaks from their storage servers and this lead to a bad mark on the reputation of the service. Now they are trying to get back their reputation and the user base by introducing new offers for their customers. As part of their latest pricing initiative, Apple now allows their existing customers to keep legacy plans. They have also reduced the annual subscription charges that the users should have given if they signed for the monthly subscriptions. These charges were recently revised by Apple.

Currently the iCloud storage from Apple is offered for monthly subscription charges, but with their latest changes, they are offering their existing users to have the same amount of Apple cloud storage space for less annual fees. Apple has sent out their existing users email messages stating that the existing annual accounts of the users have been upgraded due to the new pricing criteria that they have introduced recently. As per the email message, refunds are also issued based on the latest price cuts and the time that remain in the subscription plan of the users.

For instance, with a 25GB storage plan that is no longer offered, the annual subscription price drops from 40 dollars per year to 11.99 dollars per year. The savings from this can be compared to the new 20 GB tier from Apple. This comes at a very cheap rate of 99 cents per month or 11.88 dollars per year.

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With the iCloud leaks, many of the users drifted away from the Apple cloud storage and this latest price reduction move from Apple is their strategy to get back their customer base. Before the incident, Apple was having a huge customer base and it decreased considerably following the same. This could be the reason why Apple has come up with the price reduction and changes in the subscription plans.

Apple also notes that the current customers cannot go back to grandfathered plan after switching to any one of the latest monthly subscription plans. These new plans from Apple went live recently and the options that are provided to the users range from a free storage of 5GB tier to 1TB worth storage space and the subscription charge is 19.99 dollars per month. If you wish to know more on the revised subscription charges and the plans from Apple cloud storage, check out the official website.

How Can Cloud Storage Services Improve Your Business

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If you do not have enough space on your hard disk, then the best remedial measure is to make use of the cloud storage space. The online storage space offered by different firms will help you to upload the files, which in turn helps you to save space on your hard disk. There are numerous advantages of using a cloud storage service. In this post, we will take you through the various advantages of this service and a few disadvantages associated with this service.

Avoid storage infrastructure

If you are running a big business, then it is certain that you should maintain a big storage infrastructure for the company. Now, there is no guarantee that this storage facility would always work without troubles and will not crash. If there is no backup for the data stored in your local servers, you might end up losing all the vital information after a server failure or crash. However, with the best cloud storage services, you can avoid local storage spaces and the data can be accessed whenever you require it.

Timely backup of data

When you use a cloud storage service, you need not backup the data manually. All you need is an internet connection and the data, which you have set to backup automatically, will be uploaded to the cloud servers at regular intervals. With this, you do not have to carry out this process manually.

Pay only for what you use

Sometimes, you might have bought hard disks of higher storage capacities and there may not be sufficient data to fill up this storage space. However, in case of cloud storage systems, you need to purchase only that amount of space, which would suffice your requirements. This helps you to cut down costs.

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Data sharing

Data sharing could play a major role in improving your business and with cloud storage services, the data can be shared efficiently and with ease.

Even though there are many advantages, there are a few disadvantages associated with cloud computing. One of the fears that exist in many people is about the data security. However, experts in the field say that the best cloud storage services encrypt the data with the latest technology and this makes it difficult to crack.

Therefore, if you wish to improve the efficiency of your business, start making use of cloud storage services and see the difference it brings to your business.

Amazons Secure Cloud Storage Service Platform Zocalo Aimed At Enterprise Users

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            Enterprise Cloud Storage Service

If you missed some of the IT news in the last few months, you should know that the Amazon cloud storage platform meant for Enterprise users, Zocalo, has graduated from its Preview stage and has been released to the market. Many tech experts looked at this announcement as Amazon’s answer to the news from Dropbox that they are lowering the rates and increasing the storage limits for all their Pro customers. Once again, the stiff competition between the cloud service providers is benefitting the end-users – in this case, the Enterprise users – with more features available at reduced rates.

How is Amazon Zocalo different from their standard cloud storage solutions?

Most Enterprise users looking to make use of the cloud storage services provided by the likes of Amazon, DropBox and others have put forward a lot of their concerns to these companies regarding the security systems in use, the encryption technology, data retrieval options in the event of a service outage and so on. Clearly, the requirements of Enterprise users are very different from that of the average users and also, they are willing to pay more for these extra services.

So, it makes sense to launch a separate Amazon cloud storage service for the Enterprise users alone, with the required features. Amazon’s Zocalo service will therefore come with much more sophisticated security tools than that are available in their cloud storage service.

Zocalo was initially launched as a preview service with Amazon promising very affordable per user monthly rate of $5 that comes with 200 GB storage. It comes with excellent secure document storage facilities and file sharing features that make it the ideal cloud storage service for Enterprise users. According to Amazon, the users can store many types of data files, add comments, upload newer versions of the same data, and share them with the colleagues and clients easily online from all types of devices and operating systems like Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

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The IT administrators working in these Enterprise organisations can easily link this storage service to the existing Active Directory. So, the users in the network can access these cloud storage files using their existing credentials. Administrators can also set up different permission levels for different users using Active Directory. For example, they can easily restrict the access to some documents stored in the cloud storage service to a few chosen users.

For the average users, there is the Amazon Cloud Drive service, which is now available at very affordable prices.

A Note On Apple Cloud Storage

Apple Cloud Storage

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Cloud storage service is a service that helps you to store data in the cloud or the internet, which can be accessed and used later from anywhere and at anytime. There are several cloud storage services available that provide various services to the users. One such cloud storage service coming from Apple. Inc is called as Apple cloud storage or iCloud. It was initially introduced in the year October 2011 and according to the statistics of July 2013, it has acquired almost 320 million users around the globe. There are many advantages offered by this cloud solution. Now, let’s take a look at them.

If you are using iCloud storage, you will be able to store various data like iOS applications and music on a server that is remotely placed and you will be able to download these files from multiple devices like personal computers running in OS X 10.7.2 “Lion” or later or in iOS based devices running in iOS 5 or later. Moreover, you can also access data from Windows computers starting from Windows Vista onwards. The iCloud service coming from Apple also replaced the MobileMe service from Apple, which works as a data-synchronizing center for contacts, email, calendars, notes, bookmarks, photos, iWork documents and others. In addition, instead of manually backing up the iOS devices using iTunes, it helps the users to wirelessly back up them to iCloud service.

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When you subscribe to iCloud storage service, you will be getting a free storage space of 5GB. For the Mobile Me users who have opted this service before June, 2012 have got 20 GB of additional storage space. Like the cloud drive of Amazon, if you purchase any apps, books or music from the iTunes store, then these data will not use any storage quota and this is applicable to your Photo Stream as well. Besides the storage and online music server, it is also embedded with the entire Apple’s wireless services.  You can also use iCloud with iTunes Match. Match is a feature that is incorporated in to iTunes, which helps you to save or store the complete music collection for just $24.99 per year.

You will be able to access the basic services offered by the Apple cloud storage solution through web from any device or multiple platforms. However, in order to fully utilize its potential, you need to use it on an iPad, Mac with Lion, iPod Touch or iPhone running on iOS5. Thus, iCloud storage service from Apple is the best option that you can consider while going for cloud storage services.


iCloud Waiting For Cheaper Storage Plans

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            Choose Apple Cloud Storage

Cloud storage servers have been helping us to securely save our vital data. Among the various cloud storage servers, Apple’s iCloud has gained a wide acceptance. They offer different plans for users and thus give opportunity for people to secure their sensitive information.

People who are looking for the features of the Apple cloud storage service can go through their storage plans. There would be users who have different volumes of data to secure. Only if the storage plans stay as an affordable or even cheaper option, people would tend to opt the same to secure their information. Apple has already announced their new storage plans and along with it, they have decided to incorporate iPhone and iPad to Mac. As you are aware, Photo application of Apple is simply superb and the users of iCloud could get their pictures synched easily. This will be available along with the new Apple cloud storage plans.

Since Apple has decided to introduce photos for Mac, the same was demonstrated at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. Along with it, they also introduced the new Photos app that is coming with iOS 8. The same will be launched this year and the same will be meant for both iPhone and iPad.

Using Photos for Mac, you could perform all kinds of editing functions like cropping ability, improve colors, and adjust angle and other features. The same were demonstrated by Craig Federighi, Apple’s software chief. The main merit is that along with Photo devices, you could even get your video sync well. The main advantage is that you could retain them in the original format and resolution. You could try saving photos on your Apple storage that comes with 5 gigabytes of space. Another major advantage is that you could even access the files and view them from a browser as well.

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For people who possess large photo libraries, Apple has launched new pricing plans and policies. Those availing these services could enjoy a handful of benefits. The users of Apple cloud storage could pay 99 cents per month for enjoying 20 GB of storage space. Paying 3.00 dollars every month will permit 200 GB of storage span.

You could choose storage plans upto 1TB if you have more data to be secured. Anyway, storing your data in a cloud storage server can never go in vain, as you could relax and be assured that your data always stays protected.



All About DropBox And Related Cloud Storage Services

What Is Cloud Storage

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DropBox is one of the leading cloud computing service provider in the world. It is a service in which people are allowed to store data within the storage limits assigned to them, which depends as per the user’s request. When you sign up for the service, you will be able to store data safely in a place on the cloud. Later you will also be able to retrieve data when there is an internet connection. When we talk about what is cloud storage, the first thing that comes into our mind is regarding the safety and assurance of data stored on the cloud.

When you make use of the services rendered by DropBox, you might wonder where this information is stored. The information on the most popular cloud storage DropBox is stored on Simple Storage Service or S3 from Amazon. They are stored in multiple centers in and around the United States. Amazon’s S3 servers are so secure and safe that you can completely rely on the service when it comes to data storage.

The service is very easy to set up and it is quick as well. Head straight to their website and click on the download button to download and install the software to the computer. Once the download is complete, execute the file and install the same in the computer, with the help of the on-screen instructions. Once that is complete, you will be prompted to login with the username and password.  Next, you will have to choose the storage space. However to get to know more on how the software works you need to take a quick tour.

While DropBox is one of the best cloud service providers, there are other providers as well that are popular and offer equally good services.

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Google Drive developed by Google offers a free storage space of 5GB initially while signing up. If you want additional space, you can request for the same and get it at an affordable price. One of best the features Google drive offers is that it lets the users to scan documents. If there is text on the scanned image, Google Drive makes it searchable within the storage limits.

Microsoft SkyDrive offers a data storage space of up to 7 GB initially, that too free of cost. The best thing is that it is comparatively very cheap to upgrade the service. One of the best features of this product from Microsoft is that it is possible to edit Office documents over cloud.

Hope this article shed some light on what Is Cloud Storage and what are the various specifications you need to look into before choosing one.

Best Online Cloud Storage Services

Online Cloud Storage

     Advantages Of Online Cloud Storage

Cloud storage solution is one of the popular means of data storage these days. In fact, online cloud storage is a solution in which data is stored in remote servers, which can be accessed through web from any device and that too from any part of the world. There are quite a few advantages provided by these solutions as they provide better security when compared to traditional methods like USB, hard disks or pen drives. You can find several such online-cloud storage services offering various features and therefore, when you are opting for any storage solution, it is better to go for one that will serve your specific needs. Now, let’s take a look at some of the best online-cloud storage sites.


ADrive is one of the popular backup as well as storage site and it allows you to edit, access and share files from anywhere and at any time. While signing up for this account, it provides a free storage space of 50 GB. However, in order to enjoy some additional features offered by ADrive like SSL encryption, you need to pay some additional amount of money. 50GB storage space that includes security features costs about $6.95 per month whereas for a premium 100GB to 1TB account, you need to pay about $13.95 per month.


FilesAnywhere is an online cloud storage service that not only helps you to store data but also to synchronize data with systems. You can even use your mobile phones to manage and share files from anywhere. Automated backup and additional security features are provided with advanced plans. You will be getting a free storage space of 1GB when you initially sign up but for the advanced plan and basic plan, it costs $15.75 and $11.95 respectively for 10GB.

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An online storage service coming from Iomega is called as iStorage. It features an easy to use interface that allows you to back up data and files automatically within a single click. Moreover, you will be able to share and access data from any location using a smartphone or any other device. However, you need to make use of WhaleMail in order to share files. You can opt for individual plans for just $5.99 per month for 1GB, which can go up to $49.99 per month for 15 GB of storage space.

These are some of the best online cloud storage services that are now available. Always go for one that fits your specific needs after considering all the specifications and features offered.

What Is Cloud Storage? Are There Cloud Storage Services Available For Free?


             Free Cloud Storage Services

Are you new to cloud storage technology? You might have heard it, but you may be finding it difficult to identify what actually cloud storage is and the technology behind it. You might have started backing up your important data online. It is the latest way to store your priority personal files, folders and other important data. This way you need not copy the data to a storage media. Various data saved online in the internet are more secure. This is because there is far less risk of losing your important data when it is stored online. Agreed, you can do backups to CD/DVD-ROM and USB drives, but you cannot expect the same level of protection. It may happen that disks may get damaged; so, even the backup will be lost.

Let us define cloud storage in simple terms: It is a way to save your important data to the web, online. These storage services store your information in a safe and secure location on the web.  They offer a much quicker, easier and even safer backup than your usual conventional file storage options.

With the help of cloud storage and cloud computing, it is possible for you to access your folders and programs from any system and that too anywhere on the planet. The only necessary requirement is a dedicated internet connection.

Let us have a look at some of the popular free cloud storage services available:

Google Drive

Google Drive is, without an ounce of doubt, one of the best free cloud storage service providers. Most users have google accounts. Some even have multiple Google accounts. Using the Google Drive, you can now easily switch between various logins and utilize cloud storage features and other online Google applications. The latest Google Drive version is now available for free in the App Store.



                 Best Free Cloud Storage

SugarSync is another very popular cloud storage service available. It now offers ability to automatically upload photos from the user’s camera roll. These photos can then be easily shared using any other devices that have been SugarSync-enabled. The folders in the mobile app of Sugar Sync now make it possible to view their individual status. When you compare these, you can see that the icons are much similar to those seen in SugarSync’s desktop version.

There are many other cloud storage options that are free such as DropBox, Box, OneDrive and many more. You can mix it up to avail the features of more than one cloud storage.

Google Drive To Get Cheaper

Google Cloud Storage

                 Cloud Storage And Computing

It looks like Google plans to turn the entire market upside down by slashing prices and introducing all new schemes. According to the latest developments, Google is all set to bring down Google cloud storage subscription costs and that too by as much as 80 percent, turning all other rival cloud storage providers into frenzy.

As we all know, the first 15 Giga Bytes of Google cloud storage, by the name of Google Drive, is free. This is ideal for users who use the cloud storage system moderately and excess for those who prefer not to use the service. If you use low end devices like the Chromebook or other notebook computers, there will be some limitation on the amount of data you can save inside the computers’ hard drive. Thus, for those users who have limitations on how much data they can carry along, or for users who find this service more convenient, the price cuts released by Google will be beneficial.

Earlier, in order to extend the 15 Gigabyte cap and avail 100 Gigabytes of storage, you have to shell out $4.99 per month. Now, after the latest set of releases by Google, the same offer will be available for a minimum of $1.99 per month. Google does not disappoint those who always want more, now that 1 Terabyte is available for a very low cost of $9.99 per month. In contrast to the previous pricing scheme, which bills $49.99 per month, this offer is extremely good. At present, the cost of Google cloud storage is lower than any similar packages provided by its rivals.

Google says the new users can easily sign up to avail the service and the current users, those who already own the storage space, will be able to shift right away. This means, Google will automatically change the pricing scheme and bring it down to the new low price and involves no part from your end.

Cloud Storage Providers

              Google Drive Cloud Storage

To put the pricing schemes in perspective, One year of 100 GB cloud storage on Microsoft’s OneDrive costs $49 and the same amount on Dropbox costs $99, which is extremely expensive when considering that Google Drive, providing the same storage space for a duration of one year will only cost around $23.88! It seems clear that Google is all set to pull in all the customers from the rival cloud storage providers.

Google has always been stretching the services provided for its users to its absolute limits. Thus, the new pricing scheme comes as no surprise to its users.

Dropbox Raises Their Cloud Storage Cap

Cloud Storage

               Online Data Storage

Dropbox has come up with a new way to set them ahead of competition in cloud storage. They’re currently offering 1 terabyte of storage online for $9.99. This is included under the new “Pro” plan, which the storage and sync service provider announced on their website recently.

The “Pro” plan raises the cap on storage space to ten times the former, charging the lowest price on the company’s subscription plan. They were giving out 100 GB for this same price, as well as 500 GB costing $50 per month. There were also other offers, which fell under “Dropbox for Business”.

This places Dropbox in good stead among the competition including Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Box. These are the main heavy hitters in cloud storage right now. Microsoft recently came out and announced a huge increase, to the tune of 40 times what they offered previously. This provision is available to Office 365 and OneDrive business customers. This was a month after competitor Google hacked down prices on their own storage service. Amazon is another company, which has been cutting prices for some time now.

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              Online Storage Services

The bigger companies like Google and Microsoft can easily afford this practice, without significant drop in profits. Younger concerns like Dropbox and Box, however will have a harder time offsetting their losses. As tweeted by Aaron Levie, CEO of Box, online storage is definitely headed towards being made completely free and virtually limitless. We’ll get to a point, where the only way to distinguish services will be the design and features they provide, and not the amount of storage space. If we’re headed that way, bigger companies like Microsoft will have a hard time marketing their closed storage services. Closed services give little or no provisions to move data between products.

The new plan from Dropbox adds new features to their “Pro” service suite, with augmented security setup, and different permission architecture for data sharing. This includes passwords for shared links, so that only people with a password can access the links you share. Your shared links also hold an expiry date, so that sensitive files won’t be left in the open for too long. Shared folders also allow for ‘view only’ permission to the specific users, who have the links to access them.

This was about the latest developments in the field of online storage, and the features offered by the providers.