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Much like how various cloud storage services link to their parent companies, Google Drive is the core of different online services offered by its parent company Google. All accounts related to Google were unified under a single account ID last year, which means that if you have a Gmail or YouTube account, you already have a Google Drive account. Here’s why we think Google Drive is the best free cloud storage option available today.

Google Drive offers a free storage space of 15GB. However, note that this space is shared across various services of Google. Hence, you would need to avoid saving large attachments in Gmail if you want to save up on available storage space. Also, if you have enabled automatic photo backup in Google+ from your smartphone, your Drive space will be consumed by the same. There’s a workaround for this though. No photos below 2048×2048 resolution and videos shorter than 15 minutes will be counted in the 15GB quota; configuring your smartphone according to this will virtually allow unlimited storage space.

If you buy a Chromebook, you get 100GB free space for two years. There is also a separate service named Google Music, in which you can save up to 20,000 songs over the cloud free, which will not be counted with the Drive space. Just like other cloud providers, Drive provides a local folder in your PC where you can add files and folders. Data added to this local folder will be automatically synchronized with your Google Drive account. You have well-developed clients for synchronization on PCs and Macs. Mobile versions of these clients are available in Android and iOS, but there is not one for Windows Phone yet.

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The user interface is sleek and simple, and navigating through the available features won’t be a tough task even for a first timer. You can set up a two-step verification process to prevent unauthorized access to your account. The Privacy Policy states that data in any account will not be accessed by the company at any cost, unless compelled by law enforcement agencies. Like that of Apple’s, data stored in Drive is encrypted in 128-bit AES, unlike the 256-bit encryptions of OneDrive and Dropbox.

If you primarily use Google-based services, like Gmail and Google+, or use an Android smartphone, Google Drive would be the best free cloud storage choice along with its generous 15GB of free storage space.

About The Apple ICloud Storage Subscription Plans

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With internet connectivity now available almost everywhere, cloud storage solutions have emerged to be the best option for storing and backing up your data. Also, in the recent months, the competition among the different cloud service providers has driven down the prices significantly much to the benefit of most average users. A simple cloud storage comparison the leading service providers and their prices will give you an idea that most of them have reduced their rates in the last few months to catch-up with others in the market.

Signing up for the Apple iCloud storage service

Apple’s cloud storage service, iCloud, is indeed very popular and has more than 300 million users. If you are using any of the iOS devices like the iPhone or iPad, then this is the best cloud storage service for you. Even if you are a Windows user, you can still sign up for this service. In case of Windows, you have to download the free iCloud for Windows app from the Apple Support website, and install it on your device to start accessing the iCloud storage account.

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The installer file for this app is small and the whole thing will only take a few minutes of your time. For the Apple’s iOS users, the whole set up for activating the iCloud service is even more simple. If you are using the latest updated version of iOS in your system, then the iCloud feature will already be present in the OS. If not, just update the operating system to get this feature.

Now, activate iCloud on your device and set up your iCloud account using your Apple ID. To do this, go to the Settings option from the Home screen and click on the iCloud option to see there. If you already have an Apple ID, sign in with that. If not, register for a new one.

Just by signing up for the iCloud service, you will get 5 GB of free storage space. This will be enough for transferring and sharing most of your work-related documents. But, if you are into sharing and storing a lot of music and media files online, then you will require more storage space. You need to do some cloud storage comparison of the rates, before you sign up for their paid storage service. As per their current plan, you can get 20 GB for $0.99 per month and 200 GB for $3.99.

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The great thing about online cloud storage allows you to back up your priority files, photos, and documents safely online. This means that there is no more panicking about stuttering hard drives, lost data, and corrupt laptops

Other great news is that you can get started with online cloud storage absolutely free. Most of the best free cloud storage provider offer free storage facility. The only issue is that you will not get a huge amount of space with your free cloud storage account. Nevertheless, anything between 2 GB and 5 GB is a typical allowance, and even this is plenty for storing your most important files and data.

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There are various differences between the free cloud storage allowances. For instance, Microsoft OneDrive offers users a pretty generous 7 GB of storage space, where Personal Computer World’s services do not offer any free allowance. Usually 1 GB of storage space is good enough for storing up to 500 digital photos, unless the photos are high quality, which may require more space.

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There is definitely more to picking a cloud storage service than just simply looking for the free storage. Agreed, there are many free storage, but this is undoubtedly a bonus. The thing is that when you pick the wrong cloud storage provider, it can be a huge hassle uploading all of your files. And it will make you feel as if you are stuck with a service that is not good at all.

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This is not the case with DropBox though. It is the undisputed king and the most popular cloud storage service in the cyber world and its free allowance begins from 2 GB for new users. Another exciting thing is that by promoting DropBox to your friends and colleagues, you will be able to acquire more free storage space for your own account.

There are some cloud storage providers that have been tested and more of a misery to synchronize your files with their cloud storage backups – every time you modify a file on your system, you have to actually re-upload it to the cloud to synchronize the changes that is simply frustrating. But, in DropBox, this laborious process is far removed from the really effortless automatic syncing feature.

Remember, cloud storage is all about making your life much easier. With your files backed up online, you will be able to know that you are protected against data loss, and access them when and where needed.

How To Choose The Right Cloud Storage Option

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Cloud storage is widespread these days, and almost everyone’s using it too. Like every other service that’s come out over the years, this one has pros and cons which you need to consider before signing up. One of the main advantages is that you get the option to move data outside of the company storage, meaning one less thing to pay for the maintenance of. Most cloud storage providers allow for the data to be accessed and stored using different devices, and these include laptops, tablets and even phones.

One problem with cloud storage is that the data you upload is effectively without whatever security you can ensure. There’s no saying where it goes after you’ve sent it to the cloud storage providers. If this weren’t cause for concern, then there’s also the fact of data being vulnerable during transfer and storage.

The one thing that lets cloud storage providers market their services so effectively is the appeal of the high deployment speeds. If you went for the local option instead, there’s a whole line of operations placed before you. This starts with the requisition, buying parts and building the hardware, testing, debugging, and then deploying. All of that would take weeks, if not months. And somewhere down the line if you stopped needing as much storage, then you have useless hard drives lying by.

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Consider the option of hiring a web instance server. You could set it up fast without any hitches, and if the configuration gets to be more than you need someday, you can instantly delete it and start over. And on the enterprise level, storage isn’t just about uploading media files online, the way most individual users do. You get to move masses of information which you don’t want to manage on premises. That eliminates the need for buying, implementing, and maintaining hard drives, as well as the inevitable repair works.

There are many reasons for adopting a cloud storage service. For one, this is considerably cheaper than maintaining your own servers. Then there’s the provision for automatic backups. But the best one is that you get to keep your data somewhere else, against the event of losing or corrupting local copies.

It only takes figuring out your final goal, and then it’s easier to take a pick from the available options. Don’t forget to check out which of these offer the services necessary to you.

Comparing Different Cloud Service Providers

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There are many dedicated cloud storage providers these days that offer free cloud storage services. Cloud storage has evolved into a growing business these days and there is tight competition between the providers to attract more and more customers to their servers. There are many advantages of making use of the cloud services and the users are becoming much more aware of them. This is the reason why more and more users are signing up for these services.

If you are planning to sign up for cloud storage services, do a cloud storage comparison to find out one that suits your preferences the best. This will help you to get an idea on the different features of the service providers and you will be able to select the one that best fits your needs. Many of the service providers have now slashed the prices of their plans. For instance, DropBox is now offering 1 TB of storage space for just ten dollars per month. In the last few years, many of the strong players in cloud storage have reduced the prices and increased storage capacities.

The situation is such that the prices for cloud services has gone so down that most of the options that you consider are almost given away free of cost. MediaFire, Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive all offer 1 TB of cloud space for 10 dollars per month; many others are offering services for lesser prices. The 0.25 dollar fire sale from MediaFire is a great deal and from the feedbacks of the users, it seems that many of the users prefer this service over Box and iCloud.

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You will also be able to differentiate the services based on your specific needs like native file support and automatic photo-syncing. This means that if your needs are specific, you can dig a little deeper to know more on the services and features that are offered by the provider. Also, some of the services will be more convenient to use when compared to others. You will be able to know this by referring to the feedbacks of the different users about the services. For instance, if you are making use of Android operating system and Chrome web browser, it will be good to choose Google Drive as your cloud service, as both the OS and the browser will integrate easily.

Before zeroing in on a service, do a proper cloud storage comparison, which can be done by availing for the free trial services first, and then going for the paid plans.

Major Benefits Of Cloud Storage

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The speedy developments in the field of Information Technology are amusing. Computers, smartphones, tablets, etc have become much common nowadays. These devices help people manage their important data such as movies, documents, audio files etc effectively and access them from anywhere in the world. According to some surveys, cloud computing is the fastest growing field in IT. All major software companies have started introducing their own cloud storage services to the users of their devices, applications or services.

Free cloud storage

Almost all cloud storage providers provide a certain amount of cloud space for free to their users. With multiple free cloud storage solutions, one need not necessarily subscribe to any premium cloud services. Popular cloud storage providers who offer free cloud space include Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and Dropbox. Google’s Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive allow users to store up to 15GB of data for free. Users who need more amount of cloud space can subscribe to any of their premium plans.

No data loss

The data stored online is hundred percent secure. When you store your data in a cloud storage solution, the data is stored in servers located in distance places. The cloud storage companies have backed up every piece of information that people store in different servers so there is least chance that you lose your important files. Premier cloud storage services like iCloud offer higher-level data encryption. So, you can completely depend on the privacy of your data.

Accessibility to data from anywhere

Another benefit of cloud storage is that it allows you to access your data from anywhere in the world. You can share the data stored online with anyone you wish to. All you need to do is send the link of the file to the person with whom you wish to share the data.

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If you wish to protect your data and access it from anywhere at all times, it is high time that you moved to a cloud solution. Consider testing multiple cloud services before choosing one. Although free cloud storage solutions are reliable, there are cases that people got their data damaged by malicious websites. So, you need to be extremely careful while using your cloud account. Never access your cloud account from public computers. With proper care, you can manage your cloud account effectively and safely.

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All of us will have a new file to store in the computer memory each day. With the addition of newer files each day, the hard disk memory can soon run out. If you face this situation, you may take a few remedial measures. Among the remedial measures, first one is to purchase a new external or internal hard disk.

Even though you can purchase internal or external hard disks of big storage sizes, the drawback of these disks is that they can become corrupted at any point of time. In case of such events, you will lose all the valuable data stored in it. So, which is an effective data storage technique, which you can rely on? According to experts, it is advisable to store your important data on any of the online storage platforms available. This will ensure security of data and you can make sure that data can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Now, which cloud storage service will you choose? All the service providers offer cloud storage free. However, the limit of free storage varies from one service provider to another. Now, this question is difficult to answer. In this post, we will take you through different services offered by different cloud storage companies.


OneDrive from Microsoft offers free cloud storage space of 15GB. The service also helps you to earn extra storage space. It supports Windows, Android, iOS and Mac operating systems.


Dropbox offers only 2GB of free storage space. However, you can expand it considerably by referring others to the service. In addition to the support for all major operating systems, it provides support for Kindle Fire, Blackberry, and Linux etc.

Google Drive

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Google offers 15GB cloud storage free to the users. However, you do not have the option to earn extra storage space with the program. It supports Windows, Android, iOS and Mac operating systems.


Box offers 10 GB of free storage space. It also offer users free storage space. The operating systems supported by the service are Windows, Mac, Blackberry, Android and iOS.

Now, if you think that the free storage space is not sufficient, you may go for the monthly or annual plans of these service providers. The charges for the monthly plan vary with one service provider to another. You may go to the official website of each service provider to find out the subscription rates.

Microsoft Hauls Out New VMs For Azure, Starts Up Two New Services

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                        Azure Cloud Services

Microsoft seems to be a firm believer in the value of having bigger virtual machines in the public cloud. It’s not hard to arrive at this conclusion considering their recent Azure G-Series VMs. The company rolled out these mammoth sized virtual machines into their Azure cloud storage and backup service, and these boast significantly more processing power and local solid-state drive storage than what any of the competition is offering at the moment.

Their move to new machines is in keeping with the natural progression, and with 448 GB of memory, 32 vCPUs held up by Intel’s Xeon E5 v3 chips, and 6.59 TB of Solid State cloud storage, the company might just have become the “king of the cloud”, per their own words. The new VMs are a good option for customers trying to run heavy stuff like NoSQL databases or relational databases. Things will now be easier for someone trying to deploy huge scale-up enterprise apps.

G-series VMs currently give the highest memory usage, processing power and storage, at once, in the public cloud. But the prices are proportionately high as well, in terms of hourly or monthly rates. Use of the new VMs is currently limited to the Western regions in the U.S., but the tech giant said they’d be adding more regions to the list soon.

The company also brought out the new Key Vault service, which is set to compete with the Key Management and CloudHSM services from their rival in the market, Amazon. Key Vault is currently only offered in the preview mode, and regional availability is restricted to Eastern United States, North Central United States, Northern Europe, Western Europe, East Asia and Southeast Asia. There’s no saying when it’ll spread to the rest of the globe.

Virtualize Cloud Apps

                           Azure Cloud Offering

Azure also has a new addition to its roster – Docker on Ubuntu Server. This was published in collaboration with Canonical. The container technology used in this augmenter service has been changing the scene around cloud storage and computing. It can virtualize cloud apps, precluding the previous need for organizations to maintain at least one operating system per VM.

Before, users would have had to install the Docker extension on an existing Linux virtual machine. With the current provision, they can simply choose the Docker gallery item and start using an Azure Ubuntu VM. The latter would come with the latest Docker engine, ready for use.

Existing ICloud Customers Get Cheaper Rates And Grandfathered Capacities

Apple Cloud Storage

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iCloud has been in news lately due to some leaks from their storage servers and this lead to a bad mark on the reputation of the service. Now they are trying to get back their reputation and the user base by introducing new offers for their customers. As part of their latest pricing initiative, Apple now allows their existing customers to keep legacy plans. They have also reduced the annual subscription charges that the users should have given if they signed for the monthly subscriptions. These charges were recently revised by Apple.

Currently the iCloud storage from Apple is offered for monthly subscription charges, but with their latest changes, they are offering their existing users to have the same amount of Apple cloud storage space for less annual fees. Apple has sent out their existing users email messages stating that the existing annual accounts of the users have been upgraded due to the new pricing criteria that they have introduced recently. As per the email message, refunds are also issued based on the latest price cuts and the time that remain in the subscription plan of the users.

For instance, with a 25GB storage plan that is no longer offered, the annual subscription price drops from 40 dollars per year to 11.99 dollars per year. The savings from this can be compared to the new 20 GB tier from Apple. This comes at a very cheap rate of 99 cents per month or 11.88 dollars per year.

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With the iCloud leaks, many of the users drifted away from the Apple cloud storage and this latest price reduction move from Apple is their strategy to get back their customer base. Before the incident, Apple was having a huge customer base and it decreased considerably following the same. This could be the reason why Apple has come up with the price reduction and changes in the subscription plans.

Apple also notes that the current customers cannot go back to grandfathered plan after switching to any one of the latest monthly subscription plans. These new plans from Apple went live recently and the options that are provided to the users range from a free storage of 5GB tier to 1TB worth storage space and the subscription charge is 19.99 dollars per month. If you wish to know more on the revised subscription charges and the plans from Apple cloud storage, check out the official website.

How Can Cloud Storage Services Improve Your Business

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                   Features Of Cloud Storage

If you do not have enough space on your hard disk, then the best remedial measure is to make use of the cloud storage space. The online storage space offered by different firms will help you to upload the files, which in turn helps you to save space on your hard disk. There are numerous advantages of using a cloud storage service. In this post, we will take you through the various advantages of this service and a few disadvantages associated with this service.

Avoid storage infrastructure

If you are running a big business, then it is certain that you should maintain a big storage infrastructure for the company. Now, there is no guarantee that this storage facility would always work without troubles and will not crash. If there is no backup for the data stored in your local servers, you might end up losing all the vital information after a server failure or crash. However, with the best cloud storage services, you can avoid local storage spaces and the data can be accessed whenever you require it.

Timely backup of data

When you use a cloud storage service, you need not backup the data manually. All you need is an internet connection and the data, which you have set to backup automatically, will be uploaded to the cloud servers at regular intervals. With this, you do not have to carry out this process manually.

Pay only for what you use

Sometimes, you might have bought hard disks of higher storage capacities and there may not be sufficient data to fill up this storage space. However, in case of cloud storage systems, you need to purchase only that amount of space, which would suffice your requirements. This helps you to cut down costs.

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                   Advantages Of Cloud Storage

Data sharing

Data sharing could play a major role in improving your business and with cloud storage services, the data can be shared efficiently and with ease.

Even though there are many advantages, there are a few disadvantages associated with cloud computing. One of the fears that exist in many people is about the data security. However, experts in the field say that the best cloud storage services encrypt the data with the latest technology and this makes it difficult to crack.

Therefore, if you wish to improve the efficiency of your business, start making use of cloud storage services and see the difference it brings to your business.